La Burla Negra

Dibujo de Jano: Plataforma contra a Burla Negra Convocatoria ós medios para o acto de protesta Marea Gaiteira Venres 6 de decembro, a partir das 12,00. Saída da estación de Tren. O traxecto remata na Quintana A plataforma chamaá mobilización de toda a sociedade MAREA NEGRA GAITEIRA EN COMPOSTELA A Plataforma contra a Burla Negra encherá de música Compostela nunha marea Gaiteira para a que xa están convocados gran parte dos músicos e bandas de gaitas do país. Xurxo Souto, Susana Seivane, Berroguetto, Mercedes Peón, entre outros, percorrerán o traxecto entre a estación de tren ata a praza da Quintana nun acto de «contra-investidura», segundo aclarou algún dos organizadores. Coa música como arma, coas gaitas, cos tambores e mesmo con «calquera cousa que meta ruido», aclarou Xurxo Souto, «queremos xunta-las gaitas en contra do goberno e como berro unánime de alerta «. O actor Miguel de Lira, que se unirá con outros actores.

Marea Gaiteira destacou a total «ausencia de goberno». Dende a Plataforma quere transmitirse a consternación e a indignación ante a total ausencia de coordinación e denunciar unha vez máis a sistemática ocultación de información. «Se gastaran tanto esforzo en intentar oculta-la realidade como en soluciona-las cousas non estariamos como estamos», afirmaba onte a actriz Patricia Vázquez. Chamamento á colaboración A organización da Marea Gaiteira quere facer un chamamento xeral a asociacións, grupos de gaitas, colectivos culturais, extendendo a convocatoria para conseguir que a Marea Gaiteira se faga notar e tomar unha vez máis, como na manifestación do domingo, as rías da capital, esta vez coa música e o humor como berro pola liberdade de expresión. Noutra orde de cousas, a recen constituida coordenadora da Plataforma contra a Burla Negra quere incidir na importancia vital de que o pobo galego non cale ante o desastre, para que manteían os azos e o berro do Domingo 1 en Compostela e non consintan «que lle rouben a dignidade». Nesta li?a saudan o valor enorme dos mariñeiros da rúa de Arousa para se faceren á mar e se unen a súa sensación de indefensión ante a inaptitude da administración. PARA MÁIS INFORMACIÓN OU PARA CALQUERA CONSULTA: PRENSA: 630-753448 VOCEIROS: PATRICIA VÁZQUEZ: 639-160410 XURXO SOUTO: 981-209462 ******************************************************

The following text, unfortunately, is old news. Out of 15 registered black tides worldwide, Galicia has suffered 7. We are sick of this constant attack on our natural resources and demand international awareness, immediate economic compensation and call for your solidarity as a citizen of this small planet. Our very future as a people is seriously threatened by the Prestige oil spill. Misery awaits. Let it be known that Galicians are fed up. By distributing this e-mail, you can help Galician sea workers to get fair and quick compensations, to claim for appropriate inspections of sea-faring vessels and to provoke enforcement of international shipping laws. Should it is not the case, this ecological disaster will be worthless again. – – – Galicia is a country that nobody knows exactly where it is or what their citizens think of or do. And nobody cares. Galicia-s shoreline is the main source of a wide variety of shellfish, from scallops and mussels to exotic delicacies such as Percebes (goose barnacles) and spider crabs, vital to the Galician depressed economy. In a remote green corner at the end of the world, in the north-west corner of Europe-s Iberian Peninsula, everything seems to be fine if there is fish and seafood enough to be syphoned and served at famous and expensive restaurants worldwide. Galician inhabitants are very hard workers but they are not definitely lucky people. No noise was ever made from there or it was not loud enough to be heard clearly outside there. Emmigration has been the silent answer for years. Galician people are currently spread all across the world in a similar proportion to Irish. Nobody worried about it. Galicia-s coast is already depopulated because of poverty and a prolonged fishing crisis. Ten years ago the Aegean Sea leaked oil in the area. Most of the fishermen affected are still waiting for compensations. In an area where all businesses are linked to sea resources many other people will never be paid because they were not registered as fishermen or shipowners. A 26-year-old oil tanker broke in two and started and sank off Galician coast yesterday, threatening an environmental disaster. Should the Prestige spill its entire cargo of 21 million gallons of oil, a far great disaster threatens, on double the scale of the 1989 Exxon Valdez episode in Alaska, still considered the world-s worst environmental oil spill. The Exxon Valdez lost 11 million gallons. The Exxon Valdez clean-up effort cost $2.1bn (?1.3bn) and some Alaskan beaches are still oiled. It took 10,000 workers, 1,000 boats and 100 planes and helicopters. Hundreds of thousands of seabirds, bald eagles and otters were killed as well as up to 22 killer whales. The clean-up costs will fall under the remit of the International Maritime Organisation-s Civil Liability Convention of 1975. Under this, the ship-owner has strict liability for a tanker spill but it is capped, currently to a maximum of $80m. The maximum combined compensation from both CLC and the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund, financed by the receivers of oil, is $180m. The number of ships flying flags of convenience have increased significantly to avoid ultimate responsibility for environmental and economic damages. Prestige was a ship registered in the Bahamas, owned by a Liberian company, managed by Greek administrators, chartered by a Swiss-based Russian oil trader and sailed under the command of a Greek captain with an Asian crew. Similar accidents had happened before in the area, but all of them were quickly forgotten. By distributing this e-mail, you can help Galician sea workers to get fair and quick compensations, to claim for appropriate inspections of sea-faring vessels and to provoke enforcement of international shipping laws. Should it is not the case, this ecological disaster will be worthless again. **********************************************************

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